Informational Brochures

Below are complimentary downloadable brochures about various legal matters, courtesy of Gonser Law Office of Denver, Colorado.  Feel free to share these with others, as well.

Estate Planning

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Estate Planning?Are You Paying Too Much For Your Estate Planning?
You may have seen advertisements for free estate planning seminars that promote the use of Revocable or Living Trusts. Is that an appropriate choice for your specific situation?
Find out in this free PDF about paying for Estate Planning
Gonser Law Estate Planning ChecklistEstate Planning Checklist
It is recommended that you review your estate plan periodically or if a major event has occurred in your life. This complimentary pdf provides questions intended to help you decide if it is time to revise your estate plan.
Download this complimentary Estate Planning Checklist
Basic Estate Planning QuestionsBasic Estate Planning Questions
What does it mean in Layman’s Terms? What exactly is a will and what happens if you die without one?
Find the answers in this handy pdf about Basic Estate Planning
Estate Planning For Unmarried CouplesEstate Planning For Unmarried Couples
Individuals who are not married, cannot get married or just don’t want to get married face a unique set of challenges not faced by other segments of society. This document will provide some legal options available to unmarried couples in Colorado.
Download this pdf about Estate Planning specifically for Unmarried Couples

Business Law

Business Vulnerability CheckupBusiness Vulnerability Checkup
The questions in this complimentary download are designed as a self assessment tool for your business. Answer yes or no to each question and determine how well your business is operated or identify potential problem areas.
Find out if your business is vulnerable
New Business Entity BrochureNew Business Entity Brochure
This document reviews some of the most common forms of business entities and some pros and cons of each. However, each type is unique and has specific beneficial and detrimental attributes. A business entity type should be selected based on what you want your business structure to accomplish.
Download this pdf for info on your New Business Entity

Employment Law

Questions During A Job InterviewQuestions During a Job Interview
Applying for a job or considering hiring someone? What information can an employer ask a job applicant and what questions are improper?
Find out what Questions can be asked During A Job Interview
Understanding Sexual HarassmentUnderstanding Sexual Harassment in the Work Place
What is Sexual Harassment and what can you do about it?  Find out the two types of legal cases, the different forms of harassment, and what you can do about it in this informative document.
Download this pdf to Understand Sexual Harassment

Real Estate Law

Home Ownership in ColoradoHome Ownership in Colorado
How is your home titled?  What does it all mean and why is it important for you to know?
Find out about the legal options for owning a home

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